Friday, February 13, 2009

NeverEndingSurfari - only a month away...

Friday, 13th March - one month today - i retire from full-time employment as a retail manager and begin my NeverEndingSurfari. Traveling, surfing, painting, photographing, board building and living life a free man. There are so many places and people i haven't seen for way too long a time. It'll be good to be on the road revisiting all the beautiful places of this land and celebrating it in paint and photo, sharing it with friends old and new.

First stop is I-Nation Festival at my friend's farm.

I'm presently searching for the ideal vehicle but it's not this one:

A cool surfin' safari machine at Mollusk @ Gallery Space. Photo from Squishy's blog.

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Eef said...

oh man i'm JALOUS!!!!!!! But very happy for you too!

Hope you keep us posted with pictures and stories.