Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Tray Surfing Video

Its almost a month since I've added anything here so I'lll start off with this cool vid of tray surfing.

In the past three weeks I've flown up to Auckland for a concert by the Anoushka Shankar Project (stunning!) and to spend a few days in the big city. The day after I returned home my next door neighbour, fellow hippie/surfer and really good friend Morrie died. That was a blow i wasn't expecting.
I'll write a bit more about both soon.

UPDATE Saturday 12th July: I'm working on 3 wordy posts but struggling for enough spare time. One is a personal review of the Anoushka Shankar concert; one about the life & death of my friend Morrie; and a post about surfing & art and my thoughts and plans of where I'm going with both.