Thursday, January 15, 2009

Arctic Monkeys @ Wellington

On Tuesday we flew up to Wellington for the Arctic Monkey's gig at the Wellington Town Hall. It was their first gig in about a year. I saw them at the St James in Auckland in 2006. It was another great high energy performance with 4 new songs debuted - 'Dangerous Animals', 'Pretty Visitors', 'Would You Like Me To Build You A Go-Kart?' and 'Crying Lightning'. The new songs were good. The sound mixing was a bit crap but the band was tight. They're not as fresh-faced and raw as the last time i saw them. They played a cover of Nick Cave's 'Red Right Hand'.
Before the gig we passed the band walking up Cuba Street as we were heading down for a kebab at Abracadabra.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Life and Films of Alby Falzon

One of the very best surf film makers ever and a man of great wisdom and enlightenment.
As a teenager Morning of the Earth and especially Crystal Voyager had a profound impact on my life. Tracks magazine started by Alby, David Elfick and John Witzig was also very influentual on me through its early tabloid era - it was very much of it's time.

There is a new DVD out celebrating his life and films. Available here.

Just grin and bear the hyped-up channel intro at the beginning of this next vid. The doco's worth it.

Alby's website
Alby's The Daily Lama website

Last Days of 2008

What a fantastic way to finish off 2008. Two days of 30 degrees air temp, no wind and warm water at the beach with good sized waves (although not a clean shape). While most people packed-up and headed off on busy roads to over-crowded holiday spots i stayed home and got the best weather in the country right here. High tide was about 8 am which is perfect - surfed until i was totally buggered (perfect!)
Been using the paulownia paipo and its good - fast once you're on the wave but a little hard to catch a wave - could probably be a bit longer for my size and weight. It is just such a beautiful board to have in the water with you - its light, it looks beautiful, no wax required. No bout a doubt it Paulownia is the perfect wood for a board.

The weekend was enjoyable too. Perfect weather. Went to the Arts Centre both mornings and also to the city art gallery on Sunday and museum on Sat. Been painting lots in the late afternoon and early evening.

New Year' Eve i walked over to the beach @ North Beach just on midnight. There were a few young lads there with fireworks and 3 bonfires. The tide was fully out so there was a wide expanse of hard sand to frolic about on. There was just a gentle warm breeze that felt great on the skin. Not having partaken of alcohol or drugs i had a clarity of mind that allowed me to commit to some exciting but realistic NY resolutions. To end both the evening and the year I stripped off and went for a skinnydip in the dark waves. It was perfect!

A fantastic ending to 2008.

It has been a good year.