Friday, August 22, 2008

My Home Beach

You'd almost think it was summer! Huh! A small swell day and the water is icy.

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Eef said...

Looks nice and quite! Room enough for everybody. How big are the waves in the pictures?

luna1 said...

I think the waves that day were about 1 metre. There have been alot of good swells this winter with lots of glassy mornings but the water is really cold.

Its a great beach for lots of room - about 20km long. Lots of people surf either side of the pier and at other particular spots but there are lots of good wave spots with nobody (and I really mean... NOBODY!).,172.732801&spn=0.022633,0.05476&t=h&z=15

Megan Chapman said...

Your home beach looks lovely!

I have a lot of reading to catch up on here on your blog. I look forward to it.

Hope all is well.

Jamie Watson said...

I love seeing where everyone's home break is. That's so great you have so much room out there. (-: