Thursday, May 29, 2008

Winter Waves

Its been really beautiful at the beach every morning this week - no wind. The photos are from Tuesday and Wednesday mornings when the swell was big - the waves are bigger than they look! Today (Friday) the swell has dropped off and the waves are tiny. Very hard frost Thursday and Friday morning but its warmer in the sun at the beach than at home. I love my early morning walks along the beach before work. Every morning this week I pass a young Chinese woman - this week is the first time I've seen her so maybe she's just arrived here to study at the language school but she is quite amusing to see as she marches backwards along the beach. She's just obviously so,so happy being by the ocean and she's friendly, giving me a wave and smile every morning.

Winter Waves @ North Wai


Megan Chapman said...

Thanks for the waves.


I miss the ocean.

luna1 said...

Thank you Megan for checking out my blog. I'm intending to be a bit more active by writing more and adding alot more of my own photos.

I love living by the ocean - it has always been a major part of my life - surfing, kayaking, swimming and beach walking.

Eef said...

Very nice pictures. The waves look pretty massive. Taken a board out for a surf?